nepal youth foundation

the nepal youth foundation brings freedom, health, shelter and education to nepal’s most impoverished children

new counseling unit in western nepal: counseling services for the freed indentured kamlari girls (abolishment of the kamlari system)

selection and training of 45 peer counselors, specialising in trauma counseling, leading to the formation of 75 support groups

empowering women of nepal (ewn)

a local non-profit company, based in pokhara, which aims to improve the lives of nepali women through adventure tourism

girls’ leadership program – weekly sessions following the GOAL curriculum as well as including sport activities



room to read

room to read believes all children deserve access to a quality education – because today’s educated children are tomorrow’s empowered, active and responsible citizens

support for the Girls’ education program: promoting education and livelihoods to give vulnerable girls the tools and knowledge to realise their full potential (school access, tutoring, mentoring and life skills training for girls)

read suma´s story here


Hear Nepal

Hear stands for Health, Education, Awareness and Rights

Support of the girls’ project providing education about puberty and menstruation to young girls in schools and distribute washable and reusable, biodegradable sanitary pads to girls in the villages.