8. march 2016: international woman day

 #girlunstoppablea partnership between cottier donzé foundation and Plan – for more self confidence and against the outdated role models


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27. february 2016: projects visit Nairobi

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september 2015: volleyball competition between the 5 GOAL schools, Pokhara


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23.3.2015: Bildung in Kenya. here

20.03.2015: a student destroys our double standards for men and women. here

29.01.15: Es gibt noch Tabus: Menstruation zum Beispiel: Kleine Tasse, große Wirkung (Der Tagesspiegel, Dagmar Dehmer): In Kenia gehen viele Mädchen nicht zur Schule, wenn sie ihre Tage haben. Ein Berliner Sozialbetrieb hat ein innovatives Hygieneprodukt entwickelt. Europäische Kundinnen sponsern das Produkt für die Mädchen. here

23.01.15: lifting young girls from poverty: the Girl Effect Accelerator, a partnership between Nike Foundation and Unreasonable Group. here

13.11.14: Zukunftstag – 10 vor 10:  Today a study by Plan International Schweiz was presented, that examines the role of girls in society and in the workplace. It turns out that swiss girls today play football and repair their bikes but are still increasingly oriented towards traditional roles and continue to choose typically low-paid women’s jobs regardless of their abilities. here

new research: Mädchen in der Schweiz: von der Überholspur zurück in den Boxenstopp? here

November 2014 – project update – Nairobi  (Kibera, Mathare  slums) 



stara school is one of the only safe place for vulnerable girls of the vicinity. They love to come to stara, getting a breakfast before studying the rest of the day.

reading books is very special for the girls of Kibera: they were so happy when they heard that stara decided to implement a small library with books received from swiss kids of Küsnacht.

Binti Pamoja


developing girls into leaders: binti pamoja offers extensive training in health issues, financial literacy, peer education, and life skills.



business solution to poverty: empowering young women entrepreneurs. Young women generate income, jobs and wealth for their families and communities by opening for instance public toilets, selling eggs or clothes, or running other small businesses.

Ruby Cup


have you ever thought about how girls and women who cannot afford pads or tampons cope with their period? In many parts of the world, this is everyday life—each and every month! Women and girls living in developing countries face problems when they menstruate because they simply cannot afford sanitary pads or tampons.

menstruation is a completely overlooked barrier to development and it has a significant impact on education, gender, equality and basic human dignity. Ruby Cup supports breaking this taboo.

Safe Spaces


the program helps build leadership skills and confidence amongst young girls and women living in vulnerable conditions

… running like a girl?

project update – empowering women of nepal – april 2014

EWN has put together some photographs from the last year of their girls´leadership program GOAL. It´s a great overview – you can see the video here.

project update – empowering women of nepal – march 2014 


ewn celebrated the first year of their girls´leadership program.  you can see some more photographs and read about it here!

international women´s day – march 8 2014

„how important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!”     — maya angelou, poet

international women´s day is celebrated in many countries around the world.  you can read about the the history of this day here.

project visit – room to read (nepal) – february 2014


thanks to the valuable work done by room to read in only a couple of years, mothers are now more aware of the importance of sending to their daughters to school – and not just to primary school but also to secondary school!


not only girls participate in the life skills program, but also boys!

read some of room to read´s success stories here.

project visit – plan nepal – february 2014

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we are thankful to plan switzerland for having organised a visit to their new project „promoting girls education and self-employment“.

 project visit – ewn (empowering women nepal) – february 2014


congratulations to the facilitators of the girl leadership training – you do a great job and we are so glad to have been able to visit.


the girls not only learn a lot during the life skills sessions but also enjoy playing sport activities afterwards.  you can see more here.

project visit – nyf (nepal youth foundation) – february 2014


olga is the founder of this organisation, and she is a wonderful inspiration and role model. to know more about her, watch the video or read this article.

on this visit we are happy to see that the counselling service for freed indentured girls is running well and bringing positive change in the lives of ex-kamlari girls.

project update – safe spaces (kenya) – january 2014

Forums pic

girls in the safe spaces program requested that safe spaces help them to create safe spaces at home as well.  as a result 6 forums were held, reaching 1200 parents during october – december 2013.  issues discussed included female genital mutilation, early marriage, and hiv. the girls also wanted their parents to understand their growth processes and clear up misunderstandings as to what empowerment for the girls is.  the forums were very well received and the parents expressed interest in attending future forums.

Basketball camp

during the school holidays, safe spaces ran a 1 week basketball camp for 300 girls.  the goal was to discuss ways to lessen misunderstandings at home by improving the communication between the girls and their parents, and to have fun at the same time.

project update – binti pamoja (kenya) – december 2013

International Day

to celebrate the international day of the girl child, binti pamoja organized a day with poems, skits and dances from the girls. the theme was „girls: the force of positive change in the community“

project update – safe spaces (kenya) – december 2013


5 safe spaces´girls are completing their auto-mechanic training through an education loan

i have learnt how to service an engine in general these 3 months and i feel i’m getting closer to being the professional mechanic I had always wanted. I know now how to work on chassis, power train and diagnosis of the engine. -nancy

in my life, I had always dreamt of becoming a professional mechanic. first to prove that women can do what men can do and second to show women that everyone can do any work no matter the gender. now i´m living my dream. all the time i attend classes i feel that i’m getting closer to future with hope. it is my duty to make sure that i pass so i have to work hard. i have learnt a lot this quarter in matters to do with engine. – florence

education is the key to life, skills education is the key to your future economic life and stability. i can’t stop imagining, owning my own auto shop , servicing and repairing vehicles etc because that’s the direction i’m moving to with all the skills i’m learning every day. i have learnt how to service chassis, engine and power train.  – moureen

october 11, 2013: international day of the girl


create your own event or search for nearby events here to celebrate the international day of the girl

•new video from girls not brides

girls not brides is a global partnership of more than 300 non-governmental organisations from over 50 countries committed to ending child marriage.  watch their new video here

•malala is in the running for the nobel peace prize, which will be announced friday

you can read more information about malala here

project visit – kenya – june 2013


a visit to nairobi in june included visiting our partners there, as well as meeting with boniface mwangi from pawa254. he took us to visit dandora, one of the largest dump sites in africa


we were able to see updates at stara school and enjoyed being greeted by many of the students

photo (1)

it was a real pleasure to meet with the 5 girls who are completing their training as auto-mechanics using an education loan. safe spaces dreams of owning their all-female garage!

project update – room to read (nepal) 

„girl’s education yearbook“ – have a look at it here


project visit – nepal – january 2013


this visit enabled many meetings and new contacts, including a visit to the new trekking guides training day with project ewn. click here to see more information.